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HELLO!! My name is Evelyn, and here show my drawings, engravings, sketches, my fandoms and more. I hope you enjoy them, if you want something, just ask and / or comment ;D
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benedict cumberpatch confirmed for making an appearance in detentionaire ep 53 as a reptilian alien from space 

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I sketched the Lee of Pings during Spanish class today

((My lack of references is super obvious… I kinda just made up his outfit))

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Where is tenten?? She should save the fucking day !! FUCK YOU SASUKE AND NARUTO!!!! FUCK YOU KISHI!!!! I miss Tenten so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is the princess on this bullshit!! And Kishi forgot her …. agaain!!!!! SHIT! This make me so sad….
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I love Naruto and TenTen’s jealous faces here, Kishi started very soon to parallel pairings ahaha. Besides Lee is amazing, so cute and heroic! His situation is similar to Sakura’s: he has an unrequited love and doesn’t  notice that he has someone near him who truly loves him, I hope he’ll reciprocate TenTen someday! ^ ^.

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Please tell me I wasn’t the only person obsessively in love with W.I.T.C.H
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Anya’s face ran out of budget #realtalk

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Kim Diehl // Soul Eater Not! Ep 3
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Anya’s fight

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clumsy Clay is the best Clay

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